Monday, May 14, 2018

Your Chariot Awaits

This past fall our new golf car fleet was delivered, but they didn't quite make it in time to debut in 2017. As such this spring our Members are enjoying 46 brand new EZ-GO RX-VE golf carts, as well as two new EZ-GO shuttles to take them to and from the practice facilities.

2018 RX-VE Golf Cart Fleet

One of our two new Shuttles!

What's the big deal? Don't we change out our golf cars every 4-5 years anyhow?While that is true, the amenities and options available this time around are truly designed with Member satisfaction in mind. Yes they are still electric powered carts, which makes a big difference in terms of noise on the course, but check out a few of the new features:
  • all carts are equipped with two USB ports to charge your phone or tablet, quietly play your music or even recharge your battery booster. Maybe look for a USB mini-fan for those hot & humid days to come!
  • the seats have changed from your typical vinyl benches, to premium recliner-style seats. You may want to rent a cart just to experience it!
  • the windshields remain divided, meaning you can have the top portion 'up' or 'down', but they are now tinted to make driving into the sun a breeze
  • larger club area, such that your bag will fit easier onto the carts
  • allow wheel rims...these were no extra charge...but provide a premium look
So whether you take one of our year-long cart packages, or just want to ride one day due to heat, rain or a sore are in for a treat.

Your chariot awaits....

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Birds & The Bees

Camelot Golf & Country Club recognizes our responsibility to the environment, and our surrounding community, to be stewards of the land. With about 200 acres of property, only a portion of this land is for golf play, and as such we promote protection and creation of wildlife habitats. A few examples include:

  • Naturalized areas on our property as part of the Golf Sustainability Project.
  • Continuous additions of bird houses around the property with annual maintenance by our Members

Golfers also run into many different types of wildlife on our property in addition to the birds and bees, such as wild turkeys!

A new opportunity this year for our community to take part, regardless of whether you are a Member, is the Community Supported Pollination Project as offered by Gees Bees Honey Company. By buying a share of a beehive at the start of the season, you will support pollination of our area and will receive a year's supply of honey at harvest time in September.  You will also have the opportunity to meet the bees and learn about the honey harvest on Sunday September 16th 2018. For more details click here.